Human Resources Management

Optimal employee performance in a hotel or resort is created through effective management policies and systems. AIC provides HR services that deal with compensation, hiring, performance management, organization development, safety, wellness, benefits, employee motivation, communication, administration, and training. These services can include:

  • Designing and developing human resources strategic plans
  • Organizing the human resource office
  • Designing and developing human resource policies and procedures
  • Manpower planning, jobs analysis and design
  • Designing and developing remuneration structures
  • Designing and developing appraisal (KPI) systems
  • Employee development consultation
  • Designing recognition and reward programs
  • Designing human resource reports
  • Training of Trainer on SOP
  • Generic hospitality training
  • Effective HR strategy, HR development and HR management
  • Effective job base training and mentoring skills in hotel operation and management
  • Effective staff capacity building and development
  • Other initiative customized product services of real practical skills training, mentoring, coaching, advising and B2B consultancy