Company Profile

The leading Cambodian hotel & resort management company, AIC is a trusted business partner for clients, employees, guests and stakeholders. Its competitive advantage is strengthened through a commitment to:


AIC works with owners to unlock the potential of a hotel or resort, identify its tangible guest benefits, and applying the day-to-day management needed to promote returns. It understands the importance of being agile, and developing strategies to efficiently respond to changing market demands.


Following analysis and evaluation, AIC integrates strategy, people, resources, processes and measurements to improve hotel and resort operations. The approach includes identifying, meeting and reporting on agreed outcomes.

Local Know-how

Being Cambodian owned and operated, AIC is best placed to assist hotel and resort owners improve asset performance and grow their business. Similarly, AIC is uniquely placed to advise on, and accommodate, local regulations, obligations and sensitivities as well as attracting and retaining quality staff.

Sustainable Tourism

AIC shares a national vision for the ‘Kingdom of Wonder’, developing the hospitality resources for sustainable tourism focused on Cambodia’s friendly people, culture, natural beauty and unique archeology. AIC complements this vision by creating and managing assets that meet guest demands for high value, great service and affordable luxury.

Wealth Sharing

Creating employment for fellow Cambodians in all hotels and resorts under its management and providing the skills and training for lifetime education are cornerstone principles of AIC. It also insists on each client property serving as much locally sourced food and beverages as possible, and using locally handcrafted and manufactured furniture, fixtures and furnishings. AIC works closely with local communities and groups, and strictly adheres to practices that create a well-trained energetic workforce and a healthier environment.