Sales & Marketing Management

AIC provides a strong commitment and confident role for three main hotel business functions:

  1. Demand creation
  2. Demand capture
  3. Demand (revenue) management

Demand creation is marketing – Establishing a hotel or resort as a brand and developing strategy to promote its offerings through research, social media, public relations, advertising and promotions.

Demand capture is sales – Sales are created through AIC’s strategic relationships with travel wholesalers, inbound tour operators, online booking agents and individual guests through tailored promotions comprising offers, sales incentives, prospecting, and account management.

Demand revenue management – Analyzing hotel operations and developing strategies to maximize revenues are competitive advantages of AIC. It provides inputs on nominated hotel business functions depending on the size of the property and its needs. It also involves managing and retaining existing sales relationships as well as finding new ones. It may engage fully in sales activities or direct a team of sales professionals experienced in different market segments and business areas.