Operations Management

AIC provides clients with international quality hotel operations management services. These services cover all day-to-day functions performed at a hotel or resort – housekeeping, front desk, food and beverage, and maintenance – as well as back office operations. We work with owners to ensure that targets are met through evolving strategies, performance monitoring, continuous improvements and profit performance. We also take responsibility for the guest experience making decisions that improves the quality of their stay, including staffing, presentation, services and hotel presentation.

Key operating elements in which AIC supports its partners:

  1. Operational reviews
  2. Confidential guest evaluation
  3. Security reviews
  4. Study and analysis of operations
  5. Settling outstanding and pending issues
  6. Managing and controlling line performance standards
  7. Implement and monitoring procurement systems
  8. Evaluating concierge services
  9. Internal controls systems
  10. Staff administration
  11. Stores management
  12. Maintenance and renovation programs
  13. Hotels & resorts development